Sunday, January 6, 2013

Great Places to Learn Languages

Many people want to learn languages and often have it on their to-do lists. Unfortunately, a lot of them never complete this dream and it is, in part, due to not knowing where to start. We've picked five fantastic places where you should go if you want to learn another language. If you're not wanting to learn a language, we suggest you read our 10 Reasons To Learn Another Language first.
Usually where your foreign language learning begins.

A lot of people forget that they probably learnt a foreign language at some point during school. If you're lucky enough to still have your youth and be in school, then make sure you're paying attention. Languages are invaluable skills and learning them whilst you're young will put you miles ahead of anyone trying once they've, well, let's just say matured.


Universities are giant centres of learning and great places to meet people. If you're going to university, you don't necessarily need to be studying a degree in languages in order to learn a language. Most universities have language classes as an option, so even if you're doing a different subject you can always add some language classes into your timetable. If not, ask! Most universities won't mind if you sit in on a class just to learn. Though they probably won't let you take the exam or give you credits for it if you're not paying.
If you can read, libraries are a great resource.

We can't call universities centres of learning and leave out libraries. Libraries are not only full of books, of which good libraries will have a lot, but probably full of many books on languages. On top of that, modern libraries have computers and you know what most computers are connected to now...

The Internet

You can find pretty much anything on the internet. Most things you find you never wanted to see, but amongst the spam and pornography there are millions of websites for learning languages, as well as communities and even social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) for language learners and enthusiasts. Get browsing!

Where is there? There is where the language is spoken. Our favourite way to learn languages is in a foreign country. Have a look around for opportunities for study or work in a country you're interested in. Don't forget the 10 Things To Learn Before Going Abroad and, before you know it, you'll be surrounded by the language. Once you're exposed to the language  almost every minute of every day and it'll be hard not to pick it up.

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