Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adamic: The Original Language

When we discussed a few theories on The Origin of Language, we only mentioned scientific theories proposed by scholars and linguists. Just as parents love their children, we love all languages, albeit not equally, and thought it would be interesting to discuss what we'll call a historical or mythological language.

There are no words to describe it.
At least there were no words.
Adamic is the language handed to Adam (from the Bible and Torah) from God. There are uncertainties as to whether or not Adamic is the same as God's language, known as the Divine Language. The Adamic language, obviously named after Adam, was the language used by Adam to name things in the Garden of Eden. Thanks to some fairly sexist content in ancient scripture, it is unknown whether Eve spoke this language.

Scholars are not certain as to whether or not the Adamic language was Hebrew, due to the names he gave Eve. We do know that Adam used his language to name Eve. It is prudent to note at this point that his female companion was not originally called Eve. The scripture was not in English, and she was in fact called Isha or Chava. As these names apparently only make sense in Hebrew, some assume that this was the language Adam was speaking.

Other groups, such as the Latter-day Saints (Mormons), believe that the Adamic language came directly from God and is a pure language not subject to change, as this would make it impure. Obviously humans cannot modify things from God since they are always considered pure and perfect. That said, God clearly had no idea of how amazing apple pies are. Given the option between an apple and an apple pie, anyone with their head screwed on knows that pies are probably worth eternal damnation.

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