Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5: World Teachers' Day

Those that can, do; those that can't, teach... not necessarily true, but still amusing.

For most of us that speak multiple languages, we wouldn't have ever uttered a single word in a foreign language without teachers. We wouldn't know how to read or write without teachers. It speaks volumes about the importance of teachers that even a few years after leaving school most people seem to forget how to spell, write correctly, and punctuate... and then continue to make some pretty horrible errors.

Have you ever read a business email and been shocked to see terrible errors in it? We bet your teacher would have put you in the corner for that! Or beat you if you're from that generation.

This is probably that generation... but from all the
smiles, these kids seem to have had a nice teacher.

Regardless of how you were taught, you probably wouldn't be reading this if somebody hadn't sat down and spent their time teaching you how. Those that give up their time (summers excluded) deserve our praise. We've all had bad teachers, but we're sure you've probably had great teachers too. Those that don't just teach, but also inspire.

We hope that those who are teaching will inspire their students to then wish to pass on their knowledge to future generations. Without this knowledge we'd end up back in the dark ages. Teachers are unsung heroes who work long hours (again, summers excluded) for small amounts of money (usually), and have to put up with the little bastards that most of us were as children. It took a long time before we stopped laughing at "poubelle" in French class...

If there are any teachers reading, this is for you!
Happy World Teachers' Day!

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