Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Don't Guys Study Languages?

Why are language classes dominated by women? Normally the arguments consist of languages being a girly subject in school, that women are better suited to learn languages or that women simply like a good chat. The low number of males opting to study languages in schools and universities is worrying.

In most foreign language classes across the world there tend to be more girls than boys. If that isn't a huge incentive for guys to take up a foreign language we're not sure what is. Without trying to be crude, if lads can't encourage themselves to learn languages for the usual reasons: personal growth, employability, travelling, etc., then they should coerce themselves with the fact that if they want to meet a load of women, studying foreign languages is definitely a great way to do it.

The one on the right is for girls, apparently...

This year, the Shanghai International Studies University opted to admit men with lower grades in order to encourage more men to study. Even though the men probably aren't as smart as the women (let's be honest - when it comes to foreign languages they rarely are), we bet they're having a great time throughout their... uhm... let's just say studies.

Though we've said that men will likely meet more ladies in their studies, we haven't mentioned the increased pulling potential just by speaking another language. There are around 365 million native English speakers, and we can assume half of them are women. If you learn Spanish, which has around 387 million native speakers, you have potentially doubled the amount of women you can strike out with. It's too complicated to work out how many of those speakers are underage - just don't go there, and how many of them are hideously ugly - don't go there either!

All we're saying is, men should learn more languages. It not for themselves, then for their junk.

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