Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 Reasons To Learn Another Language

You may only speak one language, or perhaps you already speak a few. In either case, we've got ten reasons why you should learn another language.


Learning another language is just that, learning. If you like developing your mind then there are few hobbies as challenging and rewarding as mastering another language. Many transferable skills are honed by studying a language.


With the world becoming more connected, having an extra language can make you more desirable to employers in your own country and across the world. In a global community your language skills could get you a job in this hostile economy.


Language jobs can be quite lucrative and are definitely better paid than flipping burgers. If you have the skills you can progress further and earn more. We're not guaranteeing it though, so don't sue us if you still earn minimum wage!

Languages can help you get your hands
on this and possibly other currencies.


Travelling is much easier and definitely more fun when you know what's going on. It's best when you can speak with the locals and easily organise hotels and travel arrangements. The locals may even buy you a drink if you're friendly enough!

Where will your languages take you?


You can never really understand other cultures until you speak their language. Another language can give you a real appreciation for films, books, music and art that you never thought you'd experience. Plus, you'll never have to endure bad dubbing or subtitles again!

Social life

If you learn a language you open your world up to meeting new people. Perhaps you have a Polish neighbour you never speak to. There's no time like the present. Strike up a conversation! You'll soon realise that your neighbour isn't a miserable bastard, he only wanted to be invited to your noisy parties.

Love life

Increase your relationship prospects. If you can't talk to someone you're going to be hard-pressed to get them in the sack. Learn their language and woo them in their own tongue, they may even thank you for it. In more ways than one.

What's the Italian word for cappuccino?


If you learn another language then you probably will have to speak it to other people at some point. Practising speaking in another language can help improve your confidence and really bring people out of their shells.

Your native language
Learning languages improves your ability in your own language. It may sound ridiculous but it's true. You learn about languages in general, and some things you learn in one language can improve your understanding of your own language.

Understanding the world

Learning a language won't make you all-knowing. It will, however, help you to understand a little more about the weird and wonderful creatures known as people. The whole human race is a giant and mind-numbingly complex puzzle and languages are one of the pieces.

It's a big world. You can make it feel a little less daunting with another language.

What are you waiting for?

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