Monday, January 7, 2019

Top 10 Ways to Improve your Spoken English at Home by Emma Simmonds

Knowing how to speak English correctly is really rewarding and usually, the learning process is also straightforward too. But then again, not everyone has the time and patience to sit in a language class or do an English course, even if they are driven to improve their English skills.

If you fall into this category, you should know that there are numerous ways you can learn English and improve your language skills from the comfort of your home. The best thing is that you can learn either with or without the help of a partner.

Below are ten great ways you can improve your spoken English at home.

1. Get a Partner

An easy way to learn and improve your spoken English at home is to start a conversation with someone who is fluent in the language. You could invite a friend or neighbour who speaks fluently over to your house. Of course, make sure that they understand your goals and have agreed to help. Otherwise, you are wasting time.

Can't find a partner to speak with you in person?

Not a big deal.

Programs and apps like Skype, Facetime, Facebook and even phone calls will make that possible. These technologies will allow you to speak with anyone from anywhere in the world.
Just make sure that you have a good internet connection so the voice would clearer.

2. Watch Television Shows

The more you listen to people speak a specific language, the better you'll get at it and the more your interest in the language will grow so if you want to develop your spoken English at home, start watching television shows recorded in the English language. You should start with cartoons as they're usually aimed at younger viewers and use simple grammar that's easy to grasp.

3. Find Friends with Similar Goals

Learning is simpler when you have a partner with the same interests. Both of you can motivate one another, swap lesson notes and set goals together. Also, during conversations, make sure that you speak only in the English language. You'll soon make a lot of progress.

4. Think and Speak in English

Whether you are at home, work, or a gettogether, always think about the new things you've learned and speak to yourself from time to time. In other words, think aloud in English.
Don't wait for someone to correct your mistakes. Just by practicing like this, you'll gain more confidence and be more comfortable speaking the English language.

5. Listen to Songs and Sing Along

Another effective way to improve your spoken English at home is through songs. You have to listen to them and sing along. While learning the lyrics may take some time, it'll worth the wait.
You can also learn with rap songs. Rappers use fast speed and stronger rhythm that will help you improve your fluency.

6. Write it Down

Take the time to write down the new words, sentences, and phrases you come across. This will help you improve faster. You can also try using them in sentences throughout the week. The idea is to continue using your new vocabulary until you get used to them.

7. Play Word Games

There are many word-related games you can play with other friends who want to learn English that are challenging and entertaining. Examples include games such as Boggle, Mad Grab and Scrabble. You will learn new words as you play and constantly be looking up new words in the dictionary.

8. Practice Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are words and phrases that even fluent English speakers sometimes find difficult to say quickly. An example is: "The sun shall soon shine." Try saying this quickly over and over.
Others could be longer though.

While you need to work on your grammar and fluency if you want to improve your spoken English, tongue twisters can improve your fluency and pronunciation. You can practice these regularly.

9. Don't Beat Yourself Up

Learning is a gradual process that also requires a lot of patience. It's good that you're eager to improve but you need also to take things slowly when you're a beginner.

Try not to get frustrated about your mistakes or how terrible you sound as you're still learning.
If you get confused at any point, try to relax and then think about how to make things clearer. You should also reduce your speed maybe that could help.

10. Read, Read, and Read Some More!

Read anything you come across that is written in the English language. Visit websites and read articles, journals, and books written in the English language. You should also consider reading aloud so that you can hear yourself.

It's not difficult to learn and improve one's spoken English. You only need to show commitment and be consistent in whatever learning process you are using to develop your skills. However, these ten different tips should help you improve your spoken English more quickly. You can use all of them simultaneously. Just don't forget to monitor your progress and focus on the one that is most effective.

Emma Simmonds is a passionate writer with an interest in custom writing. She loves to share tips and easy ways people can do things and achieve great results.