Monday, June 11, 2018

How to Integrate Language Learning into Your Daily Life by Emily Watts

Many people try to find ways to integrate language learning into their daily routines. While many people realize that studying a foreign language is extremely important, they still have no idea how to do this every day. Use our tips to become the best learner every day!

Develop a Habit

Linguists claim that you can make a habit of learning a language just like going jogging in the mornings or having a cup of coffee when you wake up. It's very easy to start learning a language every day by studying a few expressions. Learn five new words connected to one topic during your lunch break.

However, remember that you'll need to keep going for at least three weeks before this becomes a real habit. It's also very important to put your newly learnt vocabulary into practice as soon as possible.


When you learn a new word or expression, you need to revise it over and over again to make it part of your active vocabulary rather than your passive vocabulary.

Are you are struggling to learn new vocabulary?

You should revise vocabulary up to sixteen times before you actually start using it. By the way, you should revise for the first time just ten minutes after you have learned a new word or expression.

Establish Reasons to Study

So why do you need a foreign language?

Is it to get a decent or well-paid job, to pass an exam, to move abroad, or to travel and speak to people?

It's important that you work out for yourself why you want to learn a language. This will help you to understand the best route for you. Ask yourself: “What would I like to achieve?”. Once you've got the answer, you'll have a clearer picture what to learn and why.

Motivate Yourself

You need to motivate yourself! It can be hard to do anything if you're not motivated.

Think of something you really want to buy but you don't actually need. If you manage to study for a whole month, buy yourself it!

Promise yourself that you'll travel to a new place to use your new language is you keep up with your studies.

Finally, why not put aside a dollar for every 10 words you learn in your new language. Then, by the end of the month, count your money and see how much you've earned.

Passive Learning

You can learn a language every day without putting aside the time.

If you've watched your favourite TV already in your native language, why not watch them again but in your target language?

You can also listen to songs or immerse yourself in a language environment where the people around you speak the language you're trying to learn. Bigger cities have cafés where foreigners like spending time having lunch or discussing business. This can certainly help you to immerse yourself in your new language.

Find a Speaking Buddy

Many people around the world are desperate to practice the language they're learning. The best way to learn a new language is by finding people who are looking for speaking buddies. Sign up on a social media page, follow the right accounts, and find people that need help learning languages. This is a great way to practice your speaking daily while you are traveling to and from work. On top of all that, it is absolutely free!

Without a doubt, getting a good command of a foreign language is very important, and you know this if you are reading this article. Foreign language will open new horizons to you and will bring you, new English-speaking friends.

Emily Watts is a backpacking enthusiast. She managed to backpack across Australia in a few short weeks. She came back to her hometown of Albany, where she shares her experiences with the locals, on top of helping out at the local homeless shelter. Emily has her own website Elizabethanauthors, where she writes about authors and their works.

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