Monday, January 22, 2018

9 Top Tools to Help You Learn a New Language by Jennifer Scott

Learning a new language from scratch is no easy feat. Whether you’re learning from the comfort of your own home or trying to dive in at the deep in by moving to another country, it’s safe to say that you’ll still want all the help you can get.

Well luckily, there’s plenty of help about. You may have heard of Rosetta Stone or Google Translate, but these aren’t the only options available to you when it comes to broadening your verbal horizons. Here to get you off on the right foot are nine essential tools and apps you can start using today!


To kickstart our list, we’ve chosen an absolute winner when it comes to learning a new language. Available online or on your preferred smartphone, DuoLingo is a unique approach to learning a new language.

What makes it so special is not only giving you the ability to learn words and phrases, you’ll also learn how to read effectively, translate quickly and match sentences to images for super-fast memory recall.

Essay Services

More commonly referred to as BAW, this is a custom writing service that allows you to translate any length of content into another language.

So, whether you’ve written out a list of phrases that you want to try and learn next, or you want to speak to a professional language writer, you can find all the services on their website.

Via Writing

Learning a language isn’t all about speaking in a conversation; it’s also about being able to read and write when you need too. 

Via Writing is a blog dedicated to sharing information on how to write accurately, no matter what language you’re learning about. Whether you’re looking for writing rules or tips, there’s a post here for you.

Top Canadian Writers

Similar to Best Australian Writers listed above, Top Canadian Writers is a service that dedicates itself to finding and reviewing the best writing services on the Internet.

This means you can find a dedicated language learning service that suits what you’re looking for perfectly, without having to waste your hard-earned money on a scam site.


Livemocha is a complete and utterly compelling online language learning community. There are over 12 million users on the website, all from 200 different countries with a total of around 38 different languages to learn.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to follow videos, chat with community members and partake in live classes in the language of your choosing. 

Cite It In

When you’re teaching yourself how to learn a new language, you’ll want to take notes and reminders from your learning experience to help you remember everything. When taking notes, it can be very wise to make a note of the resources where you got the information.

To do this easily, you can use this free online tool to quickly and professionally add your references and citations in a readable format for future reference.

Australian Reviewer

One of the most effective ways to learn a language is using flashcards. These are typically small cards, like playing cards, with something in English written on one side and then the language you’re trying to learn on the other. 

However, instead of buying a huge set with might not include what you’re looking for, why not try creating your own? To make this super easy, use this website to find a service who can do it for you.


Speaking and writing a new language isn’t all about the words you’re learning, it’s also about the grammar that you’re using. No matter what language you’re learning, this is a vital element that you can learn all about using the posts on this blog.

Easy Word Count

Sometimes, it’s hard to start motivated when you’re trying to do something new like learning a language. Instead of missing your goals, set a target to write and learn 500 words a day. This isn’t 500 individual words but more like 5-6 sentences or phrases a day. Use this free online tool to set a daily goal to achieve.

Jennifer is a business developer working in different areas of education, technology, security and various types of online marketing. Prior to business development, Jennifer was consultant at Deloitte and managed security service providers and developers for a wide range of security solutions.

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