Monday, September 4, 2017

7 Awesome YouTube Channels for Learning English by Brenda Savoie

Have you ever thought about learning English on YouTube? YouTube isn’t just a place for cute animals and funny videos anymore. A lot of interactive courses on a vast number of topics are starting to emerge via YouTube. As we all know, in today’s world, a knowledge of the English language is often a necessity. I’m not saying you can’t survive without learning it but in order to travel or gather knowledge, it would be advisable to at least know the basics.

So why is learning English from YouTube such a great idea?

As you probably know, a foreign language can be much easier to learn if you use videos instead of books. One of the many benefits of videos is that you can hear the spoken words and improve your pronunciation. You can also see the words and images simultaneously on the screen. This will help you a lot if you're a visual learner and your listening skills will also improve. Other benefits include:
  • Vast amounts of learning materials.
  • Pause and rewind as you please (which you can’t do in class).
  • The chance to watch the speaker’s mouth, making it easier for you to learn how to pronounce different words.
No one said that that learning a foreign language was easy. It's definitely be a challenge. However, the learning process shouldn’t be a painful experience. That’s why you should focus on interactive learning through videos.

In the following article, I'll share 7 of the most resourceful YouTube channels that may aid you in learning English.

This guy’s channel is incredibly popular on YouTube these days. His style of teaching is extremely interactive and passionate. You can really see on this guy’s face how passionate he is about teaching. You can feel his excitement along the whole video. Every course that he uploads to YouTube is totally free. He considers humor to be a major part of learning. He has dozens of lessons on his YouTube channel which are extremely easy and fun to watch. So what are you waiting for? Pay him a visit!

This channel was created especially for those who want to learn English the quick way. An interesting thing about this channel is that, while learning English, you will learn about the American and British culture as well. It’s awesome because you get the chance to know the countries which language you are learning. It’s like the full package! They have over 1000 free videos on their YouTube platform. Give it a try!

In case you are just starting to get accustomed to the English language and looking for beginner lessons, look no further. Real English is the perfect learning channel for you. They have a vast library of free lessons that can be really useful for you. Each lesson is written in words, so pay attention to the text first. Continue by watching the video. Every lesson comes with two videos. So, you can read, listen and watch. The perfect way to learn English!

Radu Moldovan from Essayontime had this to say about learning English with YouTube:
“I had such a hard time learning English until I found out about these extremely useful channels that teach English for free. In comparison with learning English from books, these channels are much more efficient. It took me no more than five or six months to learn it. As you can see, now I’m making a living from writing in English. Interactive learning changed my view completely about the process of learning foreign languages.”

Here’s a learning innovation made possible by Voice of America. They have a very interesting way of teaching you English. Every lesson is somehow like a normal TV news report. But here comes the exciting part: the lessons are presented by English teachers.

They talk slower and clearer than normally, so you will get the chance to hear everything much better. They even add English subtitles to make it easier to understand. Therefore, you will learn English while watching the news. Crazy, right?

As you may know, in the workplace or in business, the English that they use may be totally different to informal English. So, how can you practice it? It’s quite difficult to learn it without being in a business environment.

The perfect place to learn may be Business English Pod. They offer extensive videos about all possible situations or vocabulary types that you might come across in a business. If you're interested in learning business English, this channel is exactly what you are looking for.

Jennifer ESL is a great channel for all kinds of learners. There are over 200 videos is available on the channel including lessons on writing, grammar, and speaking. What differentiates them from other channels is that they focus on pronunciation. Everything is natural; there are neither scripts nor actors. It’s a great channel for casual learners.

This particular channel has a totally different approach to teaching English. Each lesson focuses on the vocabulary you may need in a specific situation like in an airport, a store, a cinema or even at an embassy. All their videos have subtitles so you can gain a better understanding. Their main goal is to help you handle unexpected situations. All their lessons are straightforward and easy to follow. In case you wish to travel, remember to make use of this great platform.

Learning English can be a fun and interesting process. With the right tools, you can make it easier. In the past, we could only learn from books. Nowadays, there are countless ways of learning English. Go for it!

Brenda Savoie is a content marketer, private English tutor, desperate dreamer, and currently writing her first romance novel. Seeking contentment through mindfulness. Check out her latest article “How to Write an Argumentative Essay: A Complete Guide”Find her on Twitter and Facebook

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