Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why You Can't Only Speak English

If you read yesterday's post... April Fools! Hopefully you didn't get too upset by it.

Pretty much everything we said was complete and utter bullshit. That said, we don't hate people who are monolingual either. However, the self-centred belief of some that their mother tongue should be learnt by everyone else to facilitate their laziness and inflated egos is something that disgusts and worries us. English is definitely not the only language you should know!

A while ago we gave you 10 reasons to learn a foreign language and we stick by them. Though learning languages should be its own reward, some do need more tangible benefits before they undertake the seemingly gargantuan task of gaining the coveted reward of bilingualism.

The world is more interesting with languages.
On a cultural level, learning languages is great for society. Excuse us whilst we get a bit lefty and liberal, but learning foreign languages can open your eyes to foreign cultures and give people an understanding of other ways of life.

Just as learning Spanish won't instantly make you love bullfighting, a working knowledge of the language and the culture can help you to understand why it's part of their culture. You don't have to agree with it, just be aware of it. You'll be surprised what you find out once you start.

You won't find your wardrobe full of black turtlenecks and berets just by learning French, either. Though your understanding of existentialism may improve, you probably won't start believing that life is a bleak, meaningless endeavour just as you master the passé composé. We can't make any promises when it comes to the subjunctive, though...

All we can really say when it comes to learning languages is that you should give it a try! The world is such a small, boring place with only one language!

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