Friday, December 18, 2015

Use Your Noodle: Food Idioms, Part 2

On Wednesday, we dedicated a post to food-related idioms such as "cheesed off" and "to bring home the bacon". Today we're going to look at the meanings of even more of these fascinating words and phrases, including "use your noodle".

to use your noodle - to think/use your brain ("Bill wasn't using his noodle when he decided to slice the cake with a chainsaw.")

Coffee definitely isn't my cup of tea.
as cool as a cucumber - calm or composed, even in difficult situations ("The officer diffusing the bomb was as cool as a cucumber.")

to milk - to take advantage of something or someone ("Carla really milked it when she sprained her ankle... she convinced her boss to let her work from home for an entire month!)

the cream of the crop - the best of a selection ("They only hire the cream of the crop at Google.")

cup of tea - something that someone likes or enjoys ("Listening to country music isn't my cup of tea.")

a piece of cake - something that is very easy ("This crossword puzzle is a piece of cake!")

in a nutshell - briefly ("In a nutshell, my answer is no.")

in a pickle - in trouble/a difficult situation ("Katie was in a pickle since she had agreed to go to two parties on the same night.")

couch potato - someone who is lazy/spends lots of time sitting and watching television ("Ever since I got Netflix, I've been a huge couch potato.")

to butter someone up - to flatter someone, usually in hopes of getting something in return ("The boy spent weeks buttering his mother up in hopes of getting an Xbox for Christmas.")

for peanuts - for very little money ("They wanted me to translate a 900-page book for peanuts!")

That's a lot of peas in a pod...
to go bananas - to go crazy/become overly excited ("The girl went bananas when she opened the gift box and found an adorable puppy inside.")

to spill the beans - to tell a secret ("Carl spilled the beans about the surprise party to the guest of honor.")

like two peas in a pod - to be very similar or close/intimate ("The twins are like two peas in a pod... they like all of the same things!")

Did we leave out your favorite food-related idiom? Leave it in the comments below, and don't forget to include a definition!

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