Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gift Ideas for Language Lovers

Since there are only a couple of days left until Christmas, today we thought we'd share some gift ideas for the language lover in your life, just in case you're still in need of a last-minute gift!

Cards from the Scrabble Slam! card game.
Board Games & Card Games

Board games are a great option for people of all ages, especially since they can be enjoyed with others. When it comes to gift ideas for language lovers, the king of all board games is undoubtedly Scrabble. However, given the game's widespread popularity, it's probably not a great idea to buy it for someone unless you know for sure that they don't already own it.

That said, there are tons of newer versions of the classic game that might be suitable, from deluxe editions with rotating boards for the true Scrabble addict to Scrabble Junior, which was designed especially for young children. You can also find portable versions of the game to take with you wherever you go, either as an electronic game or a card game.

Of course, there are tons of other great board games to choose from, including classics like Boggle and Upwords. If you love using letter tiles to create your own words but hate being confined by other players' moves and that pesky board, we'd also recommend Bananagrams. When it comes to card games, the list is nearly endless, but we also often hear good things about Quiddler.


Given the fact that we live in such a technology-focused society, it's only natural that there are dozens of wonderful language-related apps out there, from games like Words with Friends to language learning apps like Duolingo. While many are initially free, it's not uncommon for apps to require users to pay for additional content or special features, so you could always give your friend or family member a gift card that they can use in whichever online store they purchase their apps from. While gift cards aren't always considered to be the most thoughtful gift, if you know that the recipient is reluctant to pay for apps on their own, you can always tell them that you got it so they could buy that crossword puzzle app they've been eyeing for months.

Tools for Language Learning

The original Rosetta Stone.
If they've been talking about learning a new language for years but just haven't gotten around to it, or are planning a trip to a country where a foreign language is spoken, there are tons of useful things you can get them! If you know that your intended recipient is eager to learn a new language, you could always get them a dictionary, a DVD set for language learning such as Rosetta Stone, or all kinds of other handy reference books and workbooks to hone their skills.

For someone who just wants to learn a bit of the language for an upcoming trip, you could always consider buying them one of those pocket-sized language guides, or even make them one on your own if you're on a tight budget and already know the language!


Finally, it's rarely a bad choice to purchase a book for someone who loves languages. If they love to practice reading in a foreign language they know, you can always get them a popular book in that language, such as Don Quixote for a Spanish speaker. There are also tons of fascinating books out there about language itself, from the language of food to the history of the English language. Of course, books also give you millions of other options to choose from, depending on their interests!

Do you have any other gift ideas that you think are perfect for language lovers? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!