Friday, October 23, 2015

Celebrating 3 Years and 700 Posts

Since we're celebrating The Lingua File's 700th blog post today, we thought it might be nice to take a look at how far we've come over the past three years.

Our very first post goes all the way back to September 4, 2012. At the time, we were both doing something quite common for university graduates with language degrees... working full-time at jobs in completely unrelated fields which seldom required the use of our foreign language skills. Creating The Lingua File gave us the chance to regularly dedicate some of our time to our love of languages.

We wrote about anything and everything we could think of related to languages, from language profiles to posts on common English grammar mistakes. At the same time, we knew that we didn't want to spend our lives working in industries we weren't passionate about, so we were busy applying to graduate schools in hopes of being able to work on an MA in Translation the following year.

As luck would have it, we were both accepted into the MA in Translation Studies program at Durham University in the United Kingdom, so our linguistic journey continued! While we no longer had the time to write posts every single day, our degree studies did allow us to come up with all kinds of new ideas for posts, including our Intro to Translation Studies series, which many readers seemed to enjoy. We also started working on country profiles in order to learn more about the linguistic diversity of places around the world.

Since graduating earlier this year, we've been hard at work starting what we hope will be successful freelance translation careers, which is why you've been seeing lots more posts focusing on everyday life as a translator. While we're keeping The Lingua File blog the same as ever, we've also launched our own translation website in hopes of finding future clients.

That brings us back to today and our 700th post! Now that you know a bit more of our history, we thought we'd share a few of our most popular posts over the years.

We've always been fascinated by the fact that "Intro to Translation Studies: Vinay and Darbelnet's Translation Procedures" has been our most popular post for quite some time. We're not sure why it's so popular, but we do love that others seem to appreciate Vinay and Darbelnet's translation procedures just as much as we do.

Our posts on linguistics have also been quite popular over the years, especially "Intro to Linguistics: Morphological Typology". "Speech Tempo: What is the World's Fastest Language?", which features a handy infographic, has also been in the top ten for several months.

However, all of our most popular posts aren't related to serious topics. The lighthearted post entitled "What Is The World's Sexiest Accent?" has been in our top five posts since 2012, though perhaps that's just because it features photos of Sean Connery and Colin Firth...

More recently, it has been exciting to see that some of our latest posts related to translation have been garnering lots of interest as we start our freelance translation careers. Most notably, the posts "Why Things Get Lost in Translation" and "Why Translation is a Fascinating Career" have both made it into our top ten most popular posts of all time, despite the fact that they were written in the last few months.

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has read, shared, liked, and commented on our posts over the past three years! In addition, we'd like to thank you for your support as we start our translation careers - the life of a freelance translator is not always easy, so we greatly appreciate any help you can and have provided, from liking our Facebook page to recommending us to prospective clients. Here's to 700 more posts!